An Emperors New Clothes Moment


John 8:32  "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

Sir Kier Starmer, the labour leader, was in the headlines today not because he wanted to discuss economic or health problems in the UK but because he was extremely upset that a fellow MP had stated that men can not have cervix's. Starmer argued that it is ‘not right’ to say only women have a cervix. This brought to mind the Hans Christian Anderson fable, ‘The Emperor's New Clothes’. This story as in all of his fables has an underlying important moral lesson.

In summary, an emperor was tricked into purchasing a beautiful garment which didn’t actually exist to wear on his birthday parade. The weavers of the ‘garment’ were fraudsters and they convinced the Emperor that the clothes were invisible to stupid people and that people unfit for office wouldn’t be able to see the ‘magic’ clothes. So the emperor who did not want to be seen as either of these things on the day of the procession confidently walked the streets completely naked. The villagers waved hands in support of the Emperor and his ‘new garment’. They too were told that only rare and clever people could see the garments and they too didn’t want to be seen as stupid. They could see he was naked but were too afraid to say anything or admit it to one another. However, a young child who was innocent of social conformity, herd mentality and conditioning spoke out at what he saw and shouted ‘but he doesn’t have anything on!’ The crowds then started shouted the same echoing the young boy. The spell had been broken.

How this relates to Kier Starmer’s comment boils down to truth versus lies. The lie was that the Emperor was wearing no clothes but the villagers and the Emperor chose to not admit the truth: to not look stupid and so thereby conforming to the crowd. Kier Starmer is like one of the weavers pushing this false reality/truth that men can have cervix’s even though science proves otherwise. The general public are the ones who don’t want to look hateful or intolerant and so readily agree with him and get socially accepted. People naturally want to be accepted and be popular by following the social norms and values of today’s society, one of which is too believe that anyone can be whatever or whoever they want to be.

The liberal mindset is prevalent in today’s society. Entertainment, social media, politicians and the media are continually pushing amongst other things for our acceptance of and agreement with those who say they identify as something and therefore that is who and what they are. If you do not agree with them you are vilified. Like the imposter weavers these influential systems are telling people if you support this lie you will be accepted by society, and you are loving and tolerant, united! The truth scientifically is that we are either male or female. Whether you believe in evolution or creation that is who we are.

Now the social shaping platforms (as I like to call them) are conditioning people to believe a lie that a man can be a woman, a man can have boobs and a cervix (even without surgery), a person can be a dog and that, that is the truth! This is a delusion. (Delusion dictionary meaning: a belief that is not true: a false idea.) So the powers that be as I listed before are encouraging people to be delusional and if anyone disagrees that is called hate speech or unpolitically correct. Many people are shouted at if they speak the truth and are told they are hateful and intolerant; like the crowds of people who were scared of being labelled stupid and unspecial if they didn’t conform to seeing the Emperors new clothes. Conform or be a pariah in society; it is a form of social control. Unfortunately unlike the story if you speak the truth you are usually on your own surrounded by a hostile, offended crowd. I choose not to lie to make people feel better. These people with identity issues do have freedom of choice to be whoever they want to be but don’t force me to support this or vocalize that this is truth, that is my freedom of choice. I choose to speak the truth like that little boy and say in this case that men do not have cervix’s!

2 Thessalonians 2:11-12 ‘And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness’

This is one of many delusions in these last days.

B. Hourihan